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IntiQuan and BioNotus sign strategic collaboration

Niel (BE) and Basel (CH), May 2020 - BioNotus’ investment into pharmacometrics (PMX) has been recognized by the Vlaamse Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (VLAIO), and granted a subsidy for scientific staff and consultancy costs (KMOGS.2019.0661). This shows that both the selection of personnel as well as the choice of the consulting company, IntiQuan GmbH, was viewed as sound business decisions by the respective agency. The collaboration with Intiquan offers a unique opportunity to generate know-how on scientific and business processes as well as customer relations in PMX consulting. As one of the launch customers, BioNotus is actively helping to test and improve IntiQuan’s novel proprietary modeling platform, IQdesktop, with the aim of implementing an auditable PMX workflow. The collaboration between Intiquan and BioNotus is a win-win situation for both sides and expected to spur on BioNotus’ expansion phase.

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Bioanalysis services

BioNotus is a contract research organization (CRO) specialised in the bioanalysis of drugs (medicines) in a diversity of complex (biological) matrices:

+ Blood, serum and plasma
+ Tissue and tissue homogenates
+ Cell lysates
+ Cell culture media

+ Urine
+ Saliva
+ Breast milk
+ Waste water from pharmaceutical production

BioNotus can unleash the data from your precious samples in weeks or even days Johan van Daele, CEO

Clinical Bioanalysis

Clinical studies (clinical trials) are the primary source of samples requiring bioanalytical services (i.e. clinical bioanalysis). But also your non-clinical study samples (in vitro or animal in vivo) deserve the best bioanalytical support.

Bioanalytical Science

BioNotus continuously reinvests its resources to advance the scientific field of bioanalysis. State-of-the-art bioanalytical studies are designed, conducted and reported based on growing expertise in bioanalytical research. Our bioanalytical service laboratory is dedicated to provide the best bioanalytical support on the planet, be it for 1000 samples or 10 samples.

Method Development

BioNotus listens to project-specific needs when engaging in customized bioanalytical method development tailored to you specific needs.

Bioanalytical technologies - Bioanalytical Research - Bioanalytical Support - Bioanalytical Services - Bioanalytics

Trust your study samples in the best hands

And get the high quality data they contain in market beating turnaround time

Pharmacometrics services

BioNotus offers extensive expertise in various domains of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics as well as modelling and simulation:

+ Non-compartmental analysis
+ Population pharmacokinetics
+ PKPD modelling

+ Physiology-based pharmacokinetic modelling
+ Mechanistic modelling


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