Discovery ADMET Services you can count on

Your one-stop partner for Discovery ADMET, Bioanalysis and Pharmacometrics

Speed and accuracy

BioNotus has experience with a diversity of in vitro and in silico tools to select your most promising drug candidates rapidly and accurately.

Bioanalytical support for your in vivo discovery PK studies

BioNotus develops sensitive LC-MS methods to support in vivo plasma PK profiling. Typical turnaround time 5-7 working days. Ask for our competitive pricing with or without method transfer.

Subcellular fractions

including microsomes and S9 fractions are versatile in vitro tools for swift elucidation of metabolic stability in multiple species including human

Caco-2 monolayers

This legendary in vitro model remains the gold standard for determination of apparent permeability (Papp) coefficients, assessment of transport polarity and/or transporter involvement

Suspended hepatocytes

... represent one of the most complete in vitro tools to support ranking based on metabolic half-life and to allow prediction of intrinsic and in vivo hepatic clearance (CLint).

Determination of fraction unbound (fu) in plasma

BioNotus applies high-throughput equilibrium diaslysis as the gold standard method for plasma protein binding. Ultrafiltration can be applied on customer request.

Drug transporter phenotyping

Membrane vesicles and transporter-transfected cell lines provide valuable insights in the role of specific membrane transporters in the disposition of your compounds

Aqueous solubility

Solubility measurements in various buffer systemms (pHs) are key for predicting oral bioavailability of your test compounds.

Drug drug interactions

Most in vitro tools mentions can also be applied in customized drug drug interaction tools. Early prediction of DDI potential is key to a reliable drug discovery process.

Cytotoxicity assessments

Cytotoxicity assessments in various cell lines are pivotal to prioritize compounds and to interpret potency values for efficacy

Custom hepatotoxicity assays

BioNotus is specialised in predicting hepatotoxicity liability of your compounds, inlcuding DILI and drug-induced cholestasis