Pharmacometrics continues to reshape the drug development landscape

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Translating your research question into mathematical equations

Anything between bottom-up and top-down approaches. BioNotus is committed to extract the best translational value from your data!

What is Pharmacometrics?

Pharmacometrics employs mathematical models of pharmacology, physiology, biology and disease to quantify and describe interactions between xenobiotics and patients, including beneficial effects and adverse effects.

Pharmacometrics, also known as quantitative pharmacology, has revolutionized the complete drug discovery and development pipeline. Full bottom-up PBPK models have become increasingly performant in predicting complete plasma concentration time profiles long before the first clinical PK data become available. As drug candidates subsequently advance through the development pipeline, PKPD models support prediction and simulation not only of dose concentration but also concentration-effect relationships. Meanwhile, PBPK models are continuously updated and verified with newly generated clinical data. Population pharmacokinetic models are used to assess population variability of drug exposure and effects. PopPK models show their ability to explain variability by identification of covariates. In later stages advanced PBPK models support optimal study designs of drug drug interaction (DDI) studies as well as prediction of drug disposition in special populations (e.g. neonates, pregnancy).

Actionable insights

Pharmacometrics approaches have been shown to turn data into actionable insights. BioNotus is uniquely positioned to fulfill iterative requirement of bioanalytical and pharmacometrics activities resulting in reliable decisions while meeting the most demanding deadlines.


BioNotus has experience with modelling and simulation approaches throughout the entire drug development pipeline. Partnerships with other companies specialized in pharmacometrics are in place to optimally and timely respond to very specific questions in this field.

Strategic collaborations

In collaboration with Intiquan, BioNotus has implemented a complete Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure an auditable workflow throughout all Modelling & Simulation expeditions.

Transparency and communication

BioNotus stands for proposing and developing fit-for-purpose therefore affordable solutions in full transparency with its customers. This includes clear communication lines to ensure optimal integration of domain knowledge and pharmacometrics methodologies.

Tailored solutions

Pharmacometrics support does not always imply de novo model development. BioNotus has impacted several drug development programs by independent, swift, transparent and thorough evaluation of previously developed models. Contact us through the button below to expedite your next drug development milestone through a tailored M&S request.

Software platforms

Pharmacometricians are BioNotus have experience with a wide variety in software platforms intended for M&S, including but not limited to: Monolix, NONMEM, R, Simcyp, PK-Sim and others.